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Multifaceted Designer Amanda Betz

Amanda Betz

Mix of Art, Design and Architecture

Amanda Betz is an interdisciplinary and multifaceted designer. Her works are a mixture of elements of art, design and architecture with an emphasis on light, space, and the gap between 2D and 3D objects. She has a unique experimental approach and uses patterns and geometric designs to create spatial objects which are reflecting light and shadow .

Amanda Betzs’ creative process typically begins with paper, which she folds, cuts and prints on. She tests the limits of her materials, especially paper, to achieve new experimental forms. The inspiration for their products often arises from the visual effects of patterns, light and shadow, combined with studies of architecture and design history.

Betz graduated in 2005 from the Royal Danish Academy of art in Copenhagen. Since 2015 her design for the pendant lamp Shayk is hung up at the MoMA in New York as an example of good, outstanding and timeless design. Furthermore, she is a lecturer at the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts and a member of the jury for the prestigious Danish design award.

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