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Marc Venot

Marc Venot

The French designer Marc Venot holds a degree in mathematics and physics and decided to further study Industrial design at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris. He graduated in 2004 and worked for a design agency for six years, before finally starting his own business with his own Design Studio.

Influences from his first field of study have visual effects in the designs from Venot. All projects start with the actual use and the function of the object, for that is what fascinates him the most. He explains:

"Design can bring joy to people. It can put people and objects in connection with each other. For me, good design is an object that reveals itself only when using it. It can be a magical or unexpected moment that brings forth a feeling or reaction. I love simplicity and the elegance of discretion and that is why in my designs I try to integrate function as much as possible, yes to make it almost invisible so that in the end the benefit is as surprising as possible".

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