Mikko Kärkkäinen


Tunto - Cube Wall Lamp Tunto - Cube M wall lamp, oak €395.00 *Tunto - Cube Wall Lamp Tunto - Cube S wall lamp, oak €375.00 *Tunto - Led 1 Table Lamp Tunto - LED 1 table lamp, oak wood €495.00 *Tunto - Led 2 floor lamp Tunto - Led 2 floor lamp, oak wood €805.00 *Tunto - Led 4 table lamp Tunto - LED 4 table lamp, oak wood €575.00 *Tunto - Led 8 table lamp Tunto - LED 8 table lamp with Qi-wireless, oak €695.00 *Tunto - Led 40 pendant lamp Tunto - Led 40 pendant lamp 1000 mm, oak €595.00 *Tunto - Swan Pendant Light Tunto - Swan pendant lamp, oak €1,145.00 *Tunto - Led 28 pendant lamp Tunto - Led 28 pendant lamp 1000 mm, oak €505.00 *Tunto - Butterfly 01 wall lamp Tunto - Butterfly 01 OLED wall lamp, oak €420.00 *Tunto - Butterfly 03 wall lamp Tunto - Butterfly 03 wall lamp, oak €475.00 *
Mikko Kärkkäinen

Finnish design

Mikko Kärkkäinen is a Finnish designer and a trained carpenter. He is also the founder and Chief Designer of the Finnish manufacturer Tunto Design. As trained carpenter Kärkkäinen can perform every step from the idea to the finished product. This way products that are made from only one hand are created.

Lighting design -Tunto

Tunto creates innovative lamps which combine wood with the latest lighting technology. Carefully selected and skilfully processed wood is the main material and the source of inspiration of Tunto. The wood used is hand-picked and FSC-certified to ensure the highest quality and to support responsible forest management. In addition to the excellent wood Tunto uses only the latest LED and OLED technologies for the lights. They have easy-to-use, touch-sensitive switches and are controlled wirelessly.

The lighting design by Mikko Kärkkäinen were several times awarded with Design Awards , including with the Red Dot Design Award 2009 and 2010 with the Good Design Award.