Paul Cocksedge Portrait

Paul Cocksedge

The British designer Paul Cocksedge creates sensational and technically genius lamps, which celebrate the magic and transformative quality of light!

A bright light at the design sky

Cocksedge met influential people during his studies at the Royal College of Art, which influenced his career noticeably. He was taught by Ron Arad and the German light designer Ingo Maurer influenced and accompanied Cocksedge seriously for a long time, establishing him as distinctive designer.

Cocksedge leads the design studio “Paul Cocksedge” together with Joana Pinho since 2004. The studio already cooperated with namely customers like the London Design Festival, Swarowski, BMW, Hermès, Sony and many more.

His creative and interdisciplinary team is responsible for the realization of projects of small products and grand architecture works. Cocksedge is famous for his breath-taking light solutions.

The master of lamps

The lamps designs of Paul Cocksedhe are minimalistic and full of breath-taking effects at a time. Simplicity and fantasy inspire the designer when he starts to create something. Thereby he always tries to create something absolutely new, which questions what existed before.

The result is sensational design, which moves on the borderline between arts and design.

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