Roger Arquer

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Roger Arquer

Roger Arquer was born in Barcelona in 1975 and he graduated in the ESDI (Escola Superior de Diseny Industrial) in 1998. After the graduation he moved to New York, where he worked for different designers and artists, before he moved to London in 2003. There Roger Arquer made his master graduation (at Ron Arad among others) in Product Design at the Royal College of Art and he founded his own studio in London in 2005. Here he worked with companies such as Royal VKB, Bosa, Eno, Thorsten van Elten and Mathmos. Roger Arquer also teaches at the Central Saint Martins and Camberwell in London.

Arquer is interested in how everyday objects delight us: “Good designs have the exceptional skill of making life easier and more pleasant.” Roger’s designs combine functionality with emotions and the also invite to transform the happiness while using an object into a rite or into a gladly celebrated custom.

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