Stefania Vasques

Stefania Vasques

Stefania Vasques was born in Catania. Today the architect, designer and stylist lives and works in Milan.

As a designer Stefania Vasques already cooperated with many companies, among them are famous names like Danese and Sambonet. She is part of the group "Officina Temporanea" that sort of works like a collective and manufactures limited, handcrafted collections. Her designs are unified by the main idea that good design is supposed to be useful.

The Italian also works as graphic designer for the best magazines that deal with furniture and design - such as the renowned Wallpaper magazine.

Emotions play a big role in the designs by Stefania Vasques. The designer loves everything that nature offers. Vasques likes to be inspired spontaneously, she loves beauty as a ressource for everyone and beauty as a value.

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