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Tell Ritterbach

Tell Ritterbach

When people take a break from reading, many like to lay their books open faced to mark their page. This gave Tell Ritterbach an idea for a completely new concept that would stand out from the classic run-of-the-mill bookmarks that the designer himself only used as a last resort.

He wanted to create something special that would follow the natural shape of an open book, ”like a negative to a positive”. This is where the idea for Book Hook originated. After many improvements were made in regards to the material, angle and edges, a high quality markeable product was finally created.

Many people share the pleasure of the innovative wooden bookmark that connects people around the world through their love for books. Media has shown that the Book Hook is becoming more and more popular with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung calling it a "small sculpture", while Brigitte described it as a reinvention of the bookmark.