Finn Stone


XLBoom - Ball Chair XLBoom - Ball Chair, white €220.00 *XLBoom - Ball Chair XLBoom - Ball Chair, red €220.00 *XLBoom - Boto Stool XLBoom - Boto Stool, white / wood €245.00 *XLBoom - Slice Table with Lid XLBoom - Slice Table with lid, white / white €245.00 *XLBoom - Ball Chair XLBoom - Ball Chair, black €220.00 *XLBoom - Ball Chair Table XLBoom - Ball Chair Table, round, white €225.00 *XLBoom - Boto Stool XLBoom - Boto Stool, white / black €245.00 *
Finn Stone - Designer

Finn Stone’s philosophy is based on creative contemporary design, near the edge edge, it is different and eccentric. Finn Stone is one of UK’s leading makers of fibreglass furniture, and he wants his furniture to be fun, funky and fascinating.

Finn Stone has transformed his designs from the one-off artistic market (now a regular seller in UK Contemporary auction sales) to a commercial market through the manufacture of products in polyethylene materials, which has widened the appeal of his Contemporary design. The Ball Chair in polyethylene has been a successful story, and has retailed in the Conran Shop alongside the Philippe Starck sofa range, to give just one example.

Finn Stone begun to extend his creative design flair into new products, such as jewellery, ceramics and clothing.

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